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Abbasid History Podcast

Feb 17, 2024

This is the second part of two presentations. 

More on our guest:

In your previous presentation, you gave us an overview of the history of Islamic art. Give us an overview of the Islamic arts market scene: who are the main players? Where are the main auctions, and so on?

You advised in your Bayt al-Fann interview that beginners should buy what they like. At what stage can a beginner can consider himself a serious investor?
Link to interview:

Some viewers may be concerned about buying stolen items. How can buyers protect themselves?

Where do you feel the Islamic arts market is heading and your final advice for would-be buyers?

Off-script: on affordable art investment strategies

Call for patrons!

And finally before we end tell us where listeners can turn next to learn more about today's topic and what are other current projects that listeners can anticipate?

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Originally posted

Oct 22, 2022