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Abbasid History Podcast

Dec 4, 2021

Ibn ʿArabī was an Andalusian Muslim scholar, mystic, poet, and philosopher. He is renowned among practitioners of Sufism by the names al-Shaykh al-Akbar ("the Greatest Shaykh"; from here the Akbarian school derives its name).

01:36 Ibn ʿArabī was born in 1165 in Andalusia whose literary history we covered in episode 35. What do we know about his socio-political context?

06:12 Ibn ʿArabī lived an iterant life and is buried in Damascus. What do we know about his life?

10:25 Ibn ʿArabī was a prolific writer. His collection of poetry is said tospan five volumes and is mostly unedited it seems. How would you characterise his literary work?

17:44 Ibn ʿArabī continues to be a decisive figure in Muslim theology. How would you characterise his literary legacy?

21:57 Finally, let's end with a sample and translation.

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